24 hours in Canggu

Welcome to Canggu. This stunning little town of Bali reminds us more of a unique mini capital of Europe, than a local area of Indonesia. Taking over from its neighbor towns, Seminyak & Kuta, Canggu is the new in-place, when visiting Bali. With stunning rice fields, cute cafés, healthy food, and delicious coffee all combined with a local touch, this place is a must-visit, if you want to explore Canggu.


Start your visit with a sunrise breakfast at Warung El Passo or Satu Satu Coffee Company, located in the middle of beautiful rice fields. These adorable places have unique locations and shows stunning panorama rice fields views. Both places are delicious, have good coffee and are honestly priced. These cafés shows the magic of Canggu – that such a cute little town full of stores, cafés and shops, can hold such beautiful nature as well.

For the active travelers

Join Samadi Yoga for a lovely yoga class – a centre for radical wellbeing & self-empowerment located in Canggu. Samadi’s yoga studio is the perfect place to deepen your practice. They specialize in Ashtanga Yoga in the traditional Mysore Yoga Style of self practice.

Take a surf class at one of the beaches of Canggu and ride the waves at Batu Balong. This place is ideal for beginners, and you can easily hire a surf guide for 2 hours near the beach. It’s cheap, and the guides are amazing – by trying a few times, these guys will almost promise you, that you will ride at least one wave! It’s so much fun, and you will not be alone – there’s always a lot of new and experienced surfers in the water. If advanced, you can try the waves closer to Berawa Beach. Here the waves are usually larger, and definitely not recommended for new surfers.

Lunch and/or dinner are recommended to do at either Shady Shack or Betelnut Café. These cute café serve delicious, tasty and healthy food. Remember to bring your camera – this is going to be an instagram-friendly meal. In general, Canggu is hiding a lot of delicious and healthy food in the small streets and on every corner. From vegan or vegetarian to tasty burgers full of meat – Canggu has a little bit for everyone!

Bonus days in Canggu

Weekend Market at Samadi
Old Man’s Market (First weekend of the month)
Love Anchor Market
Let’s Dance at La Brisa (Saturday Night)
Free workshop day at Udara Yoga (Sunday).

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