24 hours in Nusa Penida

Amazing coral reefs, incredible megafauna, and fantastic sight seeing for any adventure seeker! Come explore stunning Nusa Penida, the magical world under the surface, and meet the inspiring Eco Warriors, who are fighting to keep our earth clean!

Photo by @tommy_kroening

Start your morning with a colorful sunrise by driving to Atuh Beach (by scooter or with driver), on the east coast of the island. This beautiful beach has several viewpoints, that shows amazing cliffs, while the waves are splashing on them. It’s a perfect sunrise spot! Take a drive back to Semabu Hills Nusa Penida, where you enjoy a fancy and delicious breakfast.

Nusa Penida is especially known for diving. The island has a resident population of reef manta rays (manta alfredi) and seasonal sightings of the famous mola mola (mola alexandrine). It is a perfect location for divers looking for a bit of thrill and an amazing place to do dive courses, because of the often-challenging conditions. Read about the amazing work the Eco Warriors at Nomads Bali are doing for the planet.

Photo by @samlawrencephoto

Do your lunch or dinner at Penida Colada – a cute café located with a ocean view. Your feet can nearly touch the water! This is also our favourite place to do a afternoon Happy Hour Cocktail!

When visiting Penida, there’s so much nature to explore, that one day is almost not enough! The west coast of this lovely island is hiding extraordinary cliffs and view points! Visit the famous Keling Kling Beach – a T-rex shaped rock famous for its spectacular shape. Drive further down the east coast, and you will find Broken Beach and Angels Billabong. (NOTE: A lot of tourists during high season – get up early and go there before everyone else!)

Photo by @mattravelmy

Bonus: Visit The Cave Temple (Goa Giri Putri Temple) // Live music at Full Moon Bar – Listen to the wonderful Tony!