Just give Wayan a call. 081338575448 He’ll drop it off and pick it up. If you’re coming from Gili, he can meet you at coco market. Where the shuttle drops you off. Book now:  5 days healing experience amid the Balinese rice paddies, mountains, valleys and jungle. www.GiliTA.com/contact.
Ubud is known to be THE place to practice yoga, meditation, get enlightened and heal. Yes, off course we agree. Thats exactly what the name stands for and it is. Unfortunately too much tourism, kills the tourism. A few years ago, the Yogabarn was THE place to be. I’m affraid today it has lost some […]
Gili Travel Agency doesn’t book flights for its customers yet. Here are some tips to find the best flight for you; the cheapest one; or the most comfortable one, the choice is up to you. Feel free to contact us for guidance, that’s what we’re here for. We are your consultants for your worry free holiday […]
New partnership: Coming soon in GiliTA’s vacation rentals, sleeps 12p. Ideal for group travel in Indonesia!   A unique retreat that combines a serene atmosphere with a sense of proper indulgence. The villa offers a stylish and inspirational setting, backed-up by a team of excellent staff who will make you experience genuine Balinese hospitality. A stay […]
Have you ever heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? The easiest is to compare it to an island of trash, mainly plastic, that is as big as twice the United States; only its just beneath the surface of the water, silently growing. Do you know how long it takes for a simple plastic grocery […]
Branding and Website almost finished. Launching on 18th of May for first stand of Gili Travel Agency on Brussels Dive Flee Market, also known as “Les Puces Nautiques”. Awesome event, Place de Châtelain in Brussels. Great for Bargain deals on Scuba Gear or other Watersports. 50 000 people attending. Indonesia Ask Julie will be offering […]