What’s amazing about traveling, is the way you get to experience new countries and new cultures. You open up your eyes to a different part of the world, which is nothing like home. Especially when it comes to the local culture of Indonesia, there’s a hidden world, that’s undiscovered for most travelers. But it shouldn’t […]
6 months tourism class for the kids of Gili Air or more Do you love Gili? Do you want to do something for Gili? That was the question I asked myself, how could I give back to the island some of the magic it has given me? What better then to do something for the […]
Hey guys! We have big news! Jack Sparrow’s spirit was in Gili Air! The most crazy, funny, artistic pirates of our movies’ culture took our island for 30 hours, after taking power in one of Lombok’s most incredible island: Gili Nanggu. The Pirates Spinning and Circus Retreat was coming to an end in Gili Nanggu, teaching to […]
A retreat with a difference… The time has come to erase all the things you thought you knew about the ‘Circus’. It’s time to redefine the concept you had about Bali and Gili Air. Now is the time to dream about a place where peace, nature, purity and sharing are the only clues. A place where enjoying yourself as […]