Amazing coral reefs, incredible megafauna, and fantastic sight seeing for any adventure seeker! Come explore stunning Nusa Penida, the magical world under the surface, and meet the inspiring Eco Warriors, who are fighting to keep our earth clean! Start your morning with a colorful sunrise by driving to Atuh Beach (by scooter or with driver), […]
Bali is the primary choice for mosts tourists coming to visit Indonesia. Some people would say, that Bali is not what it’s used to be – However, we are here to prove these people wrong. Yes, you might find more tourists on Bali than on other islands of Indonesia – but if you find the […]
Rinjani vulcano trekking is for sure one of my all time favorite trekkings in Indonesia! There are several ways to trek to the summit of Mount Rinjani. You can also trek to the rim and to the crater lake of Mount Rinjani in Lombok.   You can choose: The cheapest or the The most comfortable and sustainable […]
Hey guys! We have big news! Jack Sparrow’s spirit was in Gili Air! The most crazy, funny, artistic pirates of our movies’ culture took our island for 30 hours, after taking power in one of Lombok’s most incredible island: Gili Nanggu. The Pirates Spinning and Circus Retreat was coming to an end in Gili Nanggu, teaching to […]
A retreat with a difference… The time has come to erase all the things you thought you knew about the ‘Circus’. It’s time to redefine the concept you had about Bali and Gili Air. Now is the time to dream about a place where peace, nature, purity and sharing are the only clues. A place where enjoying yourself as […]
The Haven Bali Berawa Canggu Canggu is becoming in my opinion the best place to visit South Bali, or just for a quick one night, after flying back in or before you fly back out.  The welcome at The Haven Berawa was excellent. I arrived in the night, the staff welcomed me on the parking, […]
DAYTRIP TO LOMBOK The island of Lombok is often forgotten, as it’s the neighbor island of the famous Bali. But actually, Lombok is said to be today, what Bali was 20 years ago. Having not even half the amount of tourists and even more stunning nature, Lombok is the perfect location for a getaway to […]
As soon as you set foot on Gili Air, you’ll feel your body and soul fill up with an extreme sensation of relaxation. It is an Eco-friendly island, as there are no motorized vehicles on Gili Air. The only way to get around is with the wonderful local horse-carts, by bicycle or by foot. The […]
Its Japanese and its organic.On advise from a friend we ordered the special menu, and we’d strongly sdvise you to do the same! No words needed to describe. Art in anplate and the fusion of taste was as beautiful as the plate!       Ask us for more info and book your 5 days healing […]
Bali’s holy flower, the cempaka flower is added to drinking water, drink it as a water purification. It is detoxifiing and delicious. The taste is delicious, pure and refreshing.    Plus the location is superb. Yellow flower café has a laid back, spiritual, healthy vibe. Try their homemade spring rolls.    Delicious! Plus the music […]