Best Ocean View Cabin in the World

Its my 5th liveaboard trip on one of Xavier’s boats, a boatbuilder friend. Gili, Komodo, Raja Ampat, Misool, Wayag, Penemu, Halmahera Maluku, Ternate,… are some of Indonesia’s islands I’ve visited the past few years.

Never once have I slept in a cabin. I have to admit I get extremely sea sick, but I’m so in Love with diving and island hopping that I systematically hop on liveaboards to visit them. Because lets be honest, there is no better way to travel, then on a boat, correct?

Its the ultimate feeling of pure freedom, that feeling that you can go anywhere!

Anyway being seasick, these cabins always smelled like petrol and there was simply no air. I loved sleeping on the deck with the crew.

Everything changed on Teman liveaboard!

The back cabin is completely open, as soon as I opened my eyes, all I could see was the ocean, it also has a fan and AC, which we never used because we kept the window open the entire trip.

The entire trip I couldn’t wait to dive in bed and read a book, turn around in the morning and sleep a few extra hours, clim on the back deck and start or end the day with a meditation,…

It was EPIC!

Why I love Teman liveaboard?
Apart from the crew knowing all the dive spots and landscape wonders of Raja Ampat.

* I slept like a baby, the cabin was fantastic
* I ate exquisite food
* They served pie or cake twice a day. The lemon meringue pie and cladoti were my favorite.
* Sharks ate the remains after cleaning the fish
* They served fresh sashimi
* They always had fresh beer (I’m Belgian so this counts for two 🙂
* The space of the boat is well thought, since the owner is a boatbuilder from Tana Beru, part of the French Pirate crew of Indonesia.

Negative aspects:
* Don’t go if you want to loose weight. Ha Ha!