Amazing coral reefs, incredible megafauna, and fantastic sight seeing for any adventure seeker! Come explore stunning Nusa Penida, the magical world under the surface, and meet the inspiring Eco Warriors, who are fighting to keep our earth clean! The island of Nusa Penida has become very popular during the past years. This is not only […]
See everything Bali has to offer We dive daily on the most reputable sites of Bali, which allows us to know the diving conditions of the moment to give you the best chances to fully enjoy your time here. Our guides will do their best to show you : Mola Mola, Manta Ray, turtles, giant parrot […]
Coming back, a fully grown black-tip reef shark followed us the entire way. Upon arrival at the Teman liveaboard another appeared. We immediately baptised them “Sharky and Hutch”. Ha Ha! Wayag is located in a conservation area, also known as a “No Take Zone”. Which gives marine life the possibility to reproduce in peace. Thanks to […]