Calico Jack’s philosophy is a simple one: Adventure!

Our passion and our mission is to customise ideal liveaboard adventures to allow our guests the opportunity to explore some of the most ecologically abundant and remote regions on the planet.

Live your dreams

Calico Jack was born of dreams, dreams of the ocean, freedom and escape. The drive to approach such a project was a heady mix of passion, art, irreverence and the refusal to choose the conventional in life. This mix created the momentum and drew a disparate group ever inwards towards the beaches of Indonesia, where the vessel was born upon the sands of southern Sulawesi in the heartland of the Bugis culture. After 36 months of challenges (and some rough times for dreamers) the intentions and drive gave Calico Jack its freedom, firstly freedom from the beach in 2013 and then from the womb of Bira harbour for the maiden voyage in 2014, the dream was now a reality and Calico Jack now lead the way … we are forever following this dream.

Every Action…

It is our intention that these dreams and choices pass through to every guest on board Calico Jack, life needs adventure, there should be fun, there is a time for dreaming. Happiness is a shared experience and hospitality is key, if you feel good then we feel good. This is the purpose of Calico Jack liveaboard; to search adventure, share discoveries and bring new friends into the Calico Jack experience. All whilst cruising through amazing scenery, with great food, wonderful world class diving and Calico Jacks friendly crew to help make your dreams reality.

Hold on to your freedom

The approach to life expressed here is not an empty statement. It is the approach by which we live, and which you will come to experience if you book a trip on our boat. It is from our outlook on life that our boat charter idea developed to become the “Calico Jack” experience.

Cause and effect

We like the people around us to be happy, and we like showing them the discoveries we have made. Hospitality is not just an empty word for us. If our guests are happy, we feel good, we feel satisfied. Our main task at Calico Charters is to ensure the wellbeing of EVERY ONE of our guests.

We extend our welcome to all who would dream. Come and relax with us to enjoy the wonders of nature and open up to the Paradise of Indonesia.

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