Embark on the Ultimate Adventure: Unleash Bali, Gili Air, and Komodo Magic in 17 Days! 🌴🌊

Embark on a 17-day thrill through Bali, Gili Air, and Komodo! Dive into Ubud’s cultural wonders, unwind on Gili Air’s pristine shores, and set sail on Lambo Liveaboard for a breathtaking Komodo cruise. Chase waterfalls, conquer volcanoes, and soak in the magic of Indonesia. Adventure awaits! 🌴🌊✨ #IslandEscape #KomodoAdventure”


  • Destination: Immerse yourself in the enchanting landscapes of Bali, the serene beauty of Gili Air, and the mesmerizing wonders of Komodo.
  • Duration: 17 days/16 nights.

Ubud Experience (Days 1-5):

Immerse in the cultural and artistic charm of Ubud.

Recommended adventure: Explore the Green Village of Bali.

Activities include temple visits, museums, monkey forest, traditional market, spa, yoga, and more.

Recommended adventure: Explore the Green Village of Bali.

Gili Air Retreat (Days 5-9):

Escape to tranquil Gili Air, an eco-friendly paradise without motorized vehicles.

Ideal for family fun with incredible marine encounters.

Damai Bungalows, your sanctuary by the sea.

Dive, surf, paddleboard – unleash your aquatic spirit!

Komodo Cruise Odyssey (Days 9-17):

Sail the Lambo Liveaboard, an Indonesian Phinisi marvel.

Dive into world-class sites, snorkel, trek, and chill.

Explore Gili Air to Flores via Komodo’s breathtaking wonders.

Chase waterfalls, conquer volcanoes, and mingle with marine marvels.

Immerse in the vibrant life of Komodo National Park.

Lambo Liveaboard Rendezvous:

  • Dive with flair, relax with care – aboard the Lambo!
  • Culinary wonders blending Indonesian flair with global taste.
  • Seven days of underwater awe from Gili to Komodo.
  • Witness the enchanting dance of marine magic.

Cruise Chronicles (Days 1-8):

  • Sunset sails from Gili Air, nights alive with daring dives.
  • Moyo Island, Banta – pit stops of sheer wonder.
  • Trek at twilight, dive with dragons, and celebrate under Flores’ stars.

Homeward Bound:

  • Labuan Bajo calls for the flight back to Bali.
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  • Contact Julie Thonnard: Co-founder of Gili Travel Agency.
  • Reach Out: Skype (Juthonnard1) or WhatsApp (+6281999601058).
  • Fuel your journey with positive vibes and indelible memories! 🚀✨