Go see the soundhealer in Ubud

One of my lovely guests told me: “Julie, when you go to Ubud, you have to go see the sound healer, he is amaaazing!”
So off course I did 😀

As he says so well, it is very hard to describe what he does exactly. Whithout a doubt, I would say the same to you: 

“Readers, when you go to Ubud, you have to go see the sound healer, he is amaaazing!”

I’ll try to describe how it made me feel. 

A warm welcome, a kind heart, silence and beauty. With covered eyes and sound vibration, the sound healer provokes an inner voyage, like no other. 

I suddonly found myself walking through a massive jungle with a pink silk blindfold. On my path. Remembering why I was here, what was actually my path. For once leaving all the rest aside.

Every sound surrounding me, seemed to come out of this lush jungle. Transporting me into another dimension. 

Carefully walking barefoot through my personal jungle.

Just to find clarity and feel extremely connected to my mother. Filled with the strongest love of all. 

Aware of the fear I had towards some relationships. The fear of being hurt or abandoned. 

Agnowledging all these things in one session is impressive.

Then I felt propulsed into the air, as a bright shining light was shining out of ny belly button up towards the sky. On top of the jungle towards the sky. 😀 I felt as if I was healing and letting it all go.

Then ideas started flowing through my brain. The never ending creative voice in my mind.

The most beautiful part was when I opened my eyes. After I explained all of this. The healer said. 
Are you sure you managed to let go? 😀 I answered, Yes. 😀 After which he shared my spleen was overheating with my never ending meaningless thiking. Haha True words. 
He said: “Julie, you need to rest.”

I said:”Yes, but its nice, creative and constructive.”

He said:”Julie, Slow down, and creativity and constructivity will be much more efficient.”

Bravo! Bravo! Amazing Sound healer with marvellous insight ❤️

I strongly suggest you to discover how your sound healing experience will go. One of the best spiritual experiences of my life!
Plus only the beautifull hug at the end is worth the detour! 🙂

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