Indigenous Tribe Excursion

What’s amazing about traveling, is the way you get to experience new countries and new cultures. You open up your eyes to a different part of the world, which is nothing like home. Especially when it comes to the local culture of Indonesia, there’s a hidden world, that’s undiscovered for most travelers. But it shouldn’t be like that. What Lombok is hiding in the mountains, should be discovered by anyone!

Pure and undiscovered nature, panorama rice field views, palm tree forests and majestic volcanoes. Lombok is a natural wonder, where local people live deep in the jungle and have a different and beautiful way of living. We wish to give visitors the possibility of discovering the local culture of Lombok by joining our Indigenous Tribe Excursion.

Bayan Village, North Lombok

2018-2019 has been a rough year for the Bayan people, living in North Lombok. Hit by the Earthquake in 2018, the local people have struggled with no visitors and low tourism. It’s our wish to help and support the locals after what happened, and therefore, we invite visitors to come live with the local Bayan people to explore their way of life.

Start your trip by visiting the magical waterfalls of Lombok. The power of the water is truly amazing, and the surrounding nature is breathtaking. Hike through wonderful rice fields, where the colours and the landscape will blow your mind. Meet the local people of Bayan Village, and learn how to plant and wash rice with the local women. Join the family to their village and learn how to do traditional weaving, how to make coffee and how to make local rice wine.


Are you visiting the locals during full moon? You’re quite lucky then! Join the local village for their Full Moon Ceremony and experience local stickfighting at midnight. At day-time, you will experience their day-time ceremony with ‘Water Celebration’.


Join the local village for their dinner time. Learn how to cook traditional Lombok food and eat with the local family. Watch the beautiful sunset and how the sky turns pink, before millions of stars with appear in the dark sky above you. It’s truly amazing to be so far away from city lights and traffic, and just to relax and enjoy the peaceful and quiet surroundings.


There’s different possibilities for accommodation, when sleeping in the local village. 



Besides waterfalls, breathtaking ricefields and local villages, Lombok is also the home of Mount Rinjani. This majestic volcano is rising 3,726 metres from the ground, making it the second highest volcano in Indonesia. Mount Rinjani hides a beautiful landscape and mind blowing trekking routes, that people can only dream of. The route is now open again (being closed from the earthquake in 2018), and ready for visitors to explore!

Start your hiking through coffee plantations and explore the beauty of Lombok. After a while, the landscape will change from plantations to jungle, and slowly you will move deeper and deeper into the magical forest. In here, a beautiful world of monkeys, plants and trees will welcome you – and you will truly feel that you are reconnecting with Mother Earth.

Following a small path, mainly made by trekkers, you will make your way to the rim. Professional porters will follow you along the way, while carrying your bags, tents, food and all needed equipment for your trip. The porters carry between 30-60kg on their backs, which makes them super brave and strong workers, who are doing their best to give you an amazing trip. 

Hiking through the forest, you will meet curious monkeys and other interesting animals along the way. The beauty of nature will follow you, and the energy from Mother Earth will quickly get to you, making you able to finish the trekking. We see hiking as a mindful practice, where you can connect with nature and get a digital detox. There will be no connection during your hike, which gives you the possibility of forgetting everything else, and just be inspired by nature.

Crossing the jungle, you will find landslides along the way, caused from the earthquake in 2018. It won’t affect your trekking – it simply just creates beautiful views of the village and the landscape. This open space in the forest will show you the true power of nature, and how the land can change through the years.

After a 6-8 hours hike, you will finally make it to the rim. You might feel exhausted from the long trekking route, but it will truly be worth it, when you make it up there. The breathtaking view of Mount Rinjani crater will simply blow your mind. It’s a spectacular view of the crater, the lake, and the new “baby-volcano” inside the crater. This is called ‘Gunung Baru’, and it was created a few years ago, when a huge eruption happened. Now, the crater is enormous, and inside, a new little volcano has appeared. It’s an amazing experience to watch this view!

Sustainability hiking

We like to be sustainable during our hikes. This is why we are always doing our trips with Green Rinjani – a company focusing on sustainability and a clean Mother Earth. For every group of visitors they bring to the rim, they will plant a tree on the mountain. Furthermore, they bring bags to the top, helping to clean the trash of other hikers, who left their trash behind. By doing this, we help saving the nature and keeping the mountain clean for the next travelers.

We are staying overnight at the rim. The porters have carried tents, comfortable sleeping bags and mattresses all the way for you to camp with the most spectacular view you can imagine. Waiting for the sun to set, you will have to prepare to see the warm colors of the sunset, when the sun goes down behind the mountains. Next morning, you can choose to get up early, to watch the sun rise again, before we trek down the mountain again. All meals are included during your trip.

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