Join me for my favorite festival in the World

Yesterday someone asked me:

“What’s your favorite festival?”

I had to think for a while, but my absolute favorite parties were the ones shared with the Gili Family in Gili Air, on the beach, dancing with our feet in the sand, under the stars.

That’s actually precicely why I decided to stay and make Gili Air my home.

The Gili Family is a group of party lovers. They create magic on the dance floor. They share a mutual Love for music and dancing. Which means they inevitably light up the dance floor.

Alex, an Austrian friend told me:

“You guys are a Bliss for the dance floor!”

Unfortunately, our beloved Space Bar, doesn’t exist anymore. Because some people have decided to come to a party island and kill its spirit. They want to turn it into some “normal” holiday destination.

Lucky for you, the Gili Family is still around and the Gili Family Spirit is more then alive and growing, the tribe is gathering all over the World now. Thanks to the support of Lucky’s Bar & Bungalows. We still organise EPIC parties every month.

My 3 favorites of the year are Christmas, New Years and Blooming island.

Blooming island, is the closing party of the Pirates retreat. The Pirates Retreat is a circus retreat hosted in Gili Nanggu, a private island off Lombok.

The tribe of professional circus / fire performers fly from all over the world, to join their Pirates Family and practice together.

The closing party, Blooming island, brings the Pirates Family and the Gili Family together on the dance floor, each year one full gallon of petrol is burned, Gili Air‘s beach will be packed with professional fire performers for the entire night; combined with the explosive energy of the Gili Family on the dance floor, trust me this is a party you’re going to keep in your heart forever! Plus every year I meet such wonderful people. ❤️💫💃🏼🦄

If you want to join me for my favorite festival in the world, this is it!🍀

Plus, its easter, so we’re organising a fundraiser for Gili Air‘s elementary school on the 14th of April in the morning, we’ll host a circus performance for the kids at the school.

From the 16th untill the 20th of April 2018, we’re the Gili Magic Crew are organising a Circus Festival in Gili Air. For beginners, intermediate level, families are more then welcome. A serie of workshops will be held at several partners locations around the island.

Workshops include:

  • Hoola hoop
  • Poï
  • Contact staff
  • Acro yoga: beginner – intermediate – fire
  • Fire show
  • Massage workshops: Thai – Balinese
  • SUP
  • Yin Yoga
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Zumba
  • Ecstatic dance
  • Macrame

And much more. Final program will be released soon.

➡️ Promocode: Jointhecircus, Special at Slow Villas, 3 nights for the price of 1, for every circus festival pass bought.

Suggestions for accommodation:

Close to the party: Lucky’s Bar, Mola2, Safari bungalows, Mowie’s, Dolcemare, Sala Bose, Captain Coconut, Jasmine Hometel – Close to Space Bar: Begadang, Slow Villas, Beda bungalows, Pondok, Salili, Matahari – For the Vibe & Privacy: Villa Nangka, Ardi Beltza, ….add more suggestions! Stay close to the party so the neighbours we’ll disturb are …! — looking for recommendations.