New Year, New You?

New Year, New You? It’s almost halfway through January and, er, maybe you’ve had a late start… no judgment if the treadmill is still waiting for you. How about some more creative self-care resolutions? Maybe an exotic escape isn’t in the budget this year, but even if you’re 7,000 miles from the Gili Islands, let us breathe some fresh life into your resolutions and re-inspire the new you.

Trying to get in shape?
Gili Style: Rent a paddle board and head to a yoga class on the water.
At Home: Play some beach sounds over your morning yoga video.

Trying to eat better?
Gili Style: There is no shortage of fresh juices or fresh coconuts here, who says eating healthy isn’t fun?
At Home: Reach for a boxed coconut water instead of soda (preferably one without a plastic straw). Your body will thank you.

Looking for a meditation practice?
Gili Style: Go for a walk on the beach. Focus the sound of the waves and the color of the sea.
At Home: Take a breath. Take a minute. Try an at home walking meditation to your favorite nature sounds, instead of a seated meditation.

Needing more self-love?
Gili Style: Discover an intimate spa experience that uses products made from local plant life. 
At Home: Cancel your plans, mix up a fresh fruit smoothie, put on a homemade face mask, and switch that phone to airplane mode for a long, hot soak in the bath.

What other types of resolutions do you have? Don’t get discouraged if you’re off to a rough start. Self growth is not a straight path. Forgive yourself and keep trying.