Resolve your past during Family constellation

We were sitting on the terrace and their was a gentle breeze blowing through our hair. The host was lovely. Unfortunately their was no group constellation on, while we were in Ubud, so we opted for a private session. 

We started talking about our family situations, in the past and present. The situation of our parents and grand parents. Our siblings. Our birth. If we were the first child. What hurt us, what we couldn’t understand, … It was surprising how digging up the past felt so strong and so real in the present. As we never really let it go, it was just hidden somewhere under the grass. The conversation evolued in defining and disigning our family on the table with shells, positioning ourselves towards the other members of our family. Where exactly did we see eachother located towards our parents and our siblings. I loved the way she explained our way of re- positioning ourselves. So simple and so true. She said:
“Actually your parents, these two shells, are supposed to be side by side, beside them their new partners; and you are supposed to be next to your siblings. Two beautifully balanced families,  demonstrated as two beautiful lines of shells. Parents and children.”

Something that today we often forget. Children often become the parents friends, the parents ask them for guidance, etc.

May we never forget we are just their children.

A guided meditation followed with some beautiful insight on thanking our parents for creating us. For accepting and forgiving any tough times in the past, during birth,… Agknowleding some true words and letting it all flow. 

It is clearly important sometimes to look back, to be able to build our future.

Our ancestors have far more inpact on our lives than we often realise. Secrets, unsolved conflicts, patterns and burdens can be passed on for generations until they are seen, acknowledged and/or resolved.

In a constellation these dynamics become visible when participants represent members of the family. They tap into the so called ‘Knowing Field’ and connect with the person they represent. 
As the constellation unfolds, it will bring new insights to long held issues and healing can take place.

A constellation can bring clarity and healing to all kind of issues, like: relationships, health, money, addictions, anxiety, work, depression, choices to make, etc.
You can ask a constellation for yourself, for one of your children, A friend or family- member. Off course they need to give permission. (They don’t need to be there in person.)
Also participants benefit from a constellation: getting insights in their own family- situation and/or recognise their own feelings or thise of their parents. And last but not least: getting the experience of channeling.
Ni experience is needed to participate, only trust and an ‘open mind’.
Cost for participation: minimum 50K. getting your own constellation: 500- 800K (according to your budget).
Book now: 5 days healing experience amid the Balinese rice paddies, mountains, valleys and jungle. 
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