Rinjani vulcano trekking – Go Green!

Rinjani vulcano trekking is for sure one of my all time favorite trekkings in Indonesia!

There are several ways to trek to the summit of Mount Rinjani.

You can also trek to the rim and to the crater lake of Mount Rinjani in Lombok.

Photocredit: @luggiluxtravel


You can choose:

  • The cheapest or the
  • The most comfortable and sustainable way to trek the mountain.

If you’re backpacking and you’re on a budget, there’s several compagnies that will take you for around 150€, which includes everything. We advise you to pay double the price, but the experience is nowhere near the same!

Why pay double?

  • Food and sleep quality is way better, and THE most important when you’re hiking to the summit of a 3726 metres high vulcano!
  • Add an extra day to whichever program they advise you to follow!
  • We advise you to the rim or crater lake of Mount Rinjani  in 3 days/ 2 nights and the summit of Mount Rinjani in 4 days/ 3 nights.

Just remember the cheapest way to climb a mountain, necessarily means, not the best way. With our experience, we’ve discovered Green Rinjani to be our favorite partner.

Why them?

  • Every time they take a group up the mountain, they plant a tree
  • On the way down, they clean the mountain and bring down a full bag of trash.

Its more expensive, but the food is exquisite, and trust me, when you’re hiking the most strenuous vulcano in Indonesia, you better eat properly. The mattresses are more comfortable, the tents are better quality then the low cost compagnies, overall the experience you’ll have, really depends on the company you choose.

If budget still is a deal breaker for you. Then go with the low cost company;

  • Bring warm clothes
  • Bring extra food
  • Make sure you bring your trash down
Photocredit: @luggiluxtravel

Who is Rinjani vulcano:

This 3726 metres high volcano is the second highest volcano of Indonesia. The caldera is around 6 to 8 kilometres wide, partially filled by the blue water of the Crater Lake, Anak Laut (sea). The views from the summit and of the Crater Lake are breath- taking; the level of this trek is advanced. Trek of Mount Rinjani and visit the Senaru waterfalls. Indonesia’s most famous and most strenuous volcano hike. The unforgettable Crater Lake views, hot springs and summit views of the Gili islands make it all Rinjani volcano is one of worthwhile though.

Where will you leave from:

Drive to Sembalun, hike the Rinjani trail to the summit. At the summit you’ll witness the sunrise and see the Gili islands from the volcano summit. On the way back you’ll descend to the Crater Lake and hike back to Senaru, where you’ll finish by visiting the waterfalls.

Where will you sleep?

Camping, everything is included. Camping equipment, shoes, trekking equipment, food, porters and lodging (tent). I’d suggest you bring some warm clothes, shoes and extra snacks. I might climb it with you!

The experience you’ll have?

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Look up at Senaru’s dramatic waterfall, with your feet on the rocky bottom, the flow of water, splits into numerous small channels, back into the stream. Breathe in before you dive entirely into the fresh water, surrounded with lush green tropical forest. The sunrise on the carefully drawn volcano crater in the morning, gives a gentle reminder of what lies ahead, the ascention of Rinjani vulcano.  “Coocooo” says the owl as you’re hiking through the coffee plantations at dawn. The roots of the trees, painted in the dark brown earthy soil, announce the beginning of the primary forest. Pick up a little flower on the ground, its smell is as pure as the sacred frangipani tree. Observe the acrobatic black monkeys with their furry brown beard. The crater rim’s vertical drop offers some breathtaking views of the crater lake, Anak Laut (the child of the sea) with its blue color resembling the ocean. The fumes of Mount Barujari, amid the crater lake, announces the presence of the bubbling magma beneath. As the sun is setting on the Gili islands, on Lombok’s straight, the full moon will rise east of the summit. The stars will light up  the sky, at the same time then the villagers switch on their lights in the valley beneath, between heaven and earth. The crater summit lies at 3.726m, the hike takes 4days / 3nights. GiliTA works exclusively with Green Rinjani, as they’re eco- conscious and plant a tree for every traveller that’s going up the mountain. The entire hike down they clean the mountain. Lets go and plant a tree 🌱 on Mount Rinjani! www.GiliTA.com

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