Secret Cruise in the Kalimantan Jungle

What to expect?

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This is THE BEST place to see the orangutans in Indonesia.

Have you heard of Borneo?

Would you like to see the orangutans in their natural environment?

We started off in a rustic eco- lodge amid the Indonesian Jungle. We stayed in charming wooden cabins, with rustic en-suite bathrooms. From our room we could already hear the animals in the jungle. The national park of Kalimantan is I think, just a bit bigger then Belgium.

The next morning the local guide of our secret cruise picked us up at our jungle lodge. We boarded the ships and cruised off through the mangrove forest, into the Kalimantan jungle. As the boat moved forward, just a few meters from the boat, I observed a crocodile. It must have been 2 or 3 meters long. I literally stopped breathing. I heard a crack, and looked up, a huge orangutan was swaying from one tree to the next. During the jungle cruise we observed crocodiles, alligators, orangutans, belawadi dolphins, and a great variety of birds. The wild life observed during the secret cruise was giving me a proper shot of adrenaline.

Let me tell you, when visiting “safari’s” in Africa, I had never been so “WhAOW’d” then during this trip. The guides on this secret cruise just had an eye for everything! They spotted every living creature, hiding in the thick Indonesian jungle and its. Fro wild life observation, it really is ALL about the GUIDES.

As you’re in the jungle be ready for mosquitoes, insects, snakes, spiders, and any other jungle inhabitants; but if like me you love adventure, you love once in a lifetime experiences, you love going on a treasure hunt for creatures in the wild, in their natural habitat, off the beaten track, you love travelling on ships and most of all, you love being the only one on the river?

Then this trip is FOR YOU!

Embark with us on an experience into the Indonesian Jungle, embark on a secret journey in Kalimantan, and experience a secret cruise aboard one of the ships we’ve selected for you!

What was my favorite moment in Kalimantan?

One night I woke up and stepped outside on the deck. I love watching the moon. One of the perks of living on a tiny tropical island is that the moon’s always there. What I found was much more magical, the trees of the jungle were fully lit up, it looked like a magical Christmas tree amid the Kalimantan Jungle.

What do you think it was?

Thousand of fireflies gave this magical glow to the trees!

Julie’s Digital Detox Holiday selection 

Digital detox today is, if you ask me, a MUST DO. The point of going on holidays is to unwind, disconnect and reconnect with yourself and your partner.

Discover nature; take a good rest and come back filled with new energy. The problem today is with our “smart” phones, which in my opinion are just as much a blessing as a curse. We can work from anywhere, great mobility yes. The only problem is we NEVER truly disconnect.

Which is why for 2018, we’re launching a special category of travel, which is called “Digital Detox Holiday Selection”. Which means that not only will you not have any connection during the trip, we also advise our guests to put their “smart” phones in airplane mode.

This cruise is part of our Digital Detox Holiday Selection.

Sustainability is vital to us, our partners are active supporting several NGO’s in Kalimantan. They replant trees, they limit palm oil cultivation, protect baby orangutan orphans.

The babies need their parents until the age of 6, the orphans are taking care of, they cannot be in contact with humans, to preserve and insure their survival in the wild. The Dayak ethnic tribe of Kalimantan, guide them.

Lets Dance! Lets Cruise! Lets Travel! We Love Indonesia, let us help you discover it, the best way for you.