Sumbawa Impressions…

I’m in Love! With Sumbawa! Sumbawa was always the next island, you know… Therefore I never really bothered to go visit. Also, nobody talked about Sumbawa… Well guys, if you like travelling off the beaten track, surfing, local spirit, the real authentic Indonesia,…. Then you gotta be in Sumbawa!

Sometimes I feel like I’m always running…

Then there’re these magical moments, when I hit the road.

Sitting on a terrasse with 360degrees ocean views. Two bright blue fishermen boats, coming back with their morning catch. A freshly brewed Indonesian coffee, shared with some fellow surfers, getting ready to hit the water. Not a worry in the World.

The sun making its way over the lush green mountains, colouring the sky; red, orange, yellow and reflecting on the water.

What are you reflecting on today?

I’m grateful for realizing I’m still in Love with hitting the road.

Lets go for a ride!

Check out this place I found in Sumbawa.

Have you ever heard of Sumbawa?

Probably not. Thats why its heaven on Earth.

Its one of these places where you feel like you are in Indonesia. It has kept its authenticity. The kindness at heart. The local street food in the buzzing street at night. Back to the roots baby. It reminds me why I fell in Love with wonderful

Stay with G and Joey at Merdeka House!
 Its my second time staying here and its deff. one of my favorites.

As the was rising over the mountain, Joey, the owner, climbed the stairs in his Sarong. He looked out at the wave and said:

“Oh! I thought the waves were bigger. I go back to bed.”


Seems like the ultimate surfers dream, right?

Looking out at a wave from your terrasse before breakfast.

This place is everything we love at Gili Travel Agency.

Its a place with a soul!

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