Indigenous Tribe Excursion

What’s magical about traveling, is the way you get to experience different cultures. By joining our Indigenous Tribe Excursion, we give you a view into the world of Indonesia to explore the local culture, to meet the local people, and to taste the local food.

Lombok is one of Indonesia’s hidden gems. Hiding next to the famous Bali, Lombok is a undiscovered island, that most tourists haven’t explored yet. Pure and undiscovered nature, panorama rice field views, palm tree forests and majestic volcanoes. Lombok is a natural wonder, where local people live deep in the jungle and have a different and beautiful way of living. We wish to give visitors the possibility of discovering the local culture of Lombok by joining our Indigenous Tribe Excursion.







This itinerary is subject to change.

Day 1: Waterfalls in Senaru
– Pick up in Bangsal Harbour
– Transfer to Senaru
– Visit two stunning waterfalls
– Panorama ricefield views
– 1 night accommodation at homestay

Day 2: Indigenous Tribe Visit
– Transfer to Bayan Village
– Learn how to plant and harvest rice
– Learn how to make traditional rice wine
– Cook traditional food with the local women
– Learn how to do traditional weaving
– 1 night accommodation at homestay

Day 3: Zero Waste Rinjani Trekking
– Breakfast at Homestay
– Start Rinjani Trekking
– 6-8 hours hike to the rim
– Lunch at Post 2
– Arrival at the rim
– Dinner & sunset
– Camping 1 night at the rim

Day 4: Home-bound
– Breakfast & sunrise
– Trekking down Rinjani
– 5-6 hours trek
– Lunch at Post 2
– Arrival in Senaru
– Transfer to Bangsal Harbour

Waterfalls in Senaru

Start your trip by visiting the stunning waterfalls of Senaru. You will do a 30 minute walk to the first waterfall, followed by a 1 hour walk to the second waterfall. Reaching the waterfalls, you will feel the power of the water falling from top, and it’s lovely to feel the cold breeze touching your skin. You can swim in the waterfalls if you want, but the water is very cold.






Indigenous tribe visit

In the North of Lombok, the local village, Bayan, is located. This village have had a difficult year, facing the consequences of the destroying earthquake in 2018. After the events, the village haven’t had many visitors, making it difficult for the locals to make a living. We wish to support the local people of Bayan by giving our visitors the possibility of exploring traditional Indonesian culture.

You will arrive at Bayan village and meet the local people. See and explore how the locals are living and meet the lovely village-kids. Join the locals when they plant, harvest and wash rice, and learn how to make traditional rice wine (depending on the season). Meet the local women and learn how to do traditional weaving. In the afternoon you will learn how to cook traditional Indonesian food together with the local people of the village.






Zero Waste Rinjani Trekking

Mount Rinjani re-opened in the beginning of 2019, after being closed from the events in 2018. The majestic Mount Rinjani is rising 3,726 meters from the ground, which makes it the second highest volcano in Indonesia. This stunning mountain will take you through jungle trekking, stunning nature, rock climbing, and it will give you some of the most breathtaking views, that you will ever experience.

After spending the night at a homestay in Senaru, you will start your Rinjani-trekking early in the morning. Porters and a guide will follow you along the way, carrying all equipment you need for your trek. It’s a long, warm and steep journey, but it’s completely worth it. You will start your trek from Senaru and quickly enter the jungle, where you will walk in natural and stunning surroundings. Monkeys will follow you along the way, jumping from tree to tree.

Sustainability hiking

We wish to be as responsible towards nature as possible, which is why we always hike Mount Rinjani with Green Rinjani – a sustainability oriented trekking company based in Senaru. In collaboration with Gili Eco Trust, we will bring reusable bags to clean trash along the way, and for every group of people going on the mountain, we will plant a tree on Rinjani. By joining our zero-waste Rinjani Trek you will help us collect trash, plant trees and we will only bring reusable equipment.











It will take you around 6-8 hours to reach the rim. It’s a long and hard journey, but the views along the way are worth it. Speaking of views, the breathtaking crater of Mount Rinjani is waiting for you at the rim. When reaching the camp area, you will forget every sore muscle on your body – cause this view is simply spectacular.

The enormous Mount Rinjani Crater hides the beauty of a stunning lake, breathtaking mountains and a “baby-volcano” inside the bigger crater. It’s a view that can’t be found anywhere else. This breathtaking viewing spot is where we will camp over for the night.

Read before hiking

Our Mount Rinjani Trek is a 2DAY/1NIGHT hike, which is a challenge to even a skilled hiker. It’s possible to do the trek with kids, but we recommend kids to be above 13 years and ready for an exhausting trip. The route through the forest is steep and the last part of the trek is rock climbing (not dangerous).

We recommend everyone to bring hiking shoes, as the route will be steep and slippery in the sand from the mountain. It’s cold on the top, which means everyone should bring long pants, jackets and something to cover the ears. You will sleep over in tents and sleeping bags carried by the porters, and food will be cooked for you along the way. It’s a magical journey, and we wish everyone a lovely trip!



Price includes:
• Pick up and transfer
• 1 night accommodation /Senaru
• Trekking guide + Porters
• One small tree to plant on the mountain
• Food and drinks
• Tent, toilet tent, sleeping bags, and mattress
• National Park Entrance Fee
• Free diner before trekking

Do you wish to do our Rinjani Trek without indigenous tribe visit?
Please see our Zero Waste Rinjani Trek here.

All payments are made directly to the locals as donations.
Along your visit, you will tip the locals for showing you their local lifestyle.

• Cook traditional food, 50K (IDR)
• Wash + plant rice / eat with the locals, 100K (IDR)
• Traditional weaving, 50K (IDR)
• Make coffee and rice wine, 50K (IDR)

Please make an inquiry for full price and package itinerary.


If you’re looking for Beautiful Untouched Beaches, Enchanting Waterfalls, Perfect Surf Barrels, relatively few tourists and a Good Volcano Trek. Lombok and Mount Rinjani won’t let you down! The island is located between Bali and Sumbawa. Many still mistakenly imagine Bali to be a paradisaical island. The truth is, today, Lombok is The unspoiled Bali. Read more

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