2 Days in Bayan Village

The island of Lombok is often forgotten, as it’s the neighbor island of the famous Bali. But actually, Lombok is said to be today, what Bali was 20 years ago. Having not even half the amount of tourists and even more stunning nature, Lombok is the perfect location for a getaway to explore the beautiful nature of Indonesia.

Lombok is a true hidden gem. The island is hiding stunning waterfalls, breathtaking rice fields, palm tree forests and it’s also the home of Indonesia’s second largest volcano, Mount Rinjani. Lombok is a natural wonder, where local people live deep in the jungle and have a different and beautiful way of living. We wish to give visitors the possibility of discovering the local culture of Lombok by visiting Bayan Village.








1. Traditional dance by Sanggar Jajaq Bayan
2. Make traditional food by the local village and traditional drink
3. Discussion by the leader of the village; traditional customs
4. Walk around the rice fields and up the river; learn about the forest

Combine your 2 days in Bayan Village with our Indigenous Tribe Excursion. Read more about our different trips to Lombok and let us help you tailor-make your own trip, just as you like it!






Visiting the locals

Bayan is located in the North of Lombok, and the village have had a difficult year since the earthquake in 2018. After the destroying events, the village haven’t had many visitors, which makes it difficult for the locals to make a living. We wish to support the locals by giving our visitors a view into the local Indonesian culture.

You will be welcomed by the locals in Bayan village, and you get to see where they live. Meet the cute village-kids and see them play and have fun. Join the locals when the plant, wash, or harvest rice (depending on the season), and learn how to make traditional rice wine. You will meet the Bayan women and learn how to do traditional weaving. In the afternoon you will cook food together with the locals and taste the lovely local food of Indonesia.







Driver to Bayan Village: 720.000 iDR
Program price 3.600.000IDR

Depending on the type of homestay you would like to sleep in, the price will be different. Please contact us for more information about homestays. We would love to find the perfect place for you to stay!

Homestay option 1: 180.000IDR / Live with local family
Homestay option 2: 240.000IDR / Homestay with a view
Homestay option 3: 350.000IDR / Trekkers Hut

All smaller payments are made directly to the locals as donations to support the local community. Along your visit, you will tip the locals for showing you their local lifestyle.

• Cook traditional food, 50K (IDR)
• Wash + plant rice / eat with the locals, 100K (IDR)
• Traditional weaving, 50K (IDR)
• Make coffee and rice wine, 50K (IDR)

Please make an inquiry for full price and package itinerary.


If you’re looking for Beautiful Untouched Beaches, Enchanting Waterfalls, Perfect Surf Barrels, relatively few tourists and a Good Volcano Trek. Lombok and Mount Rinjani won’t let you down! The island is located between Bali and Sumbawa. Many still mistakenly imagine Bali to be a paradisaical island. The truth is, today, Lombok is The unspoiled Bali. Read more

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