Yoga Cruise

This retreat is available all year around – min. 6 participants.

Join our luxury Yoga Cruise, while we cruise the magical islands of Indonesia, where focus will be on yoga, meditation, healthy food and exploring the stunning nature. You have the option of choosing this yoga cruise with 3 different itineraries:

1) Cruising Lombok and the South Gili Islands
2) Cruising Komodo National Park
3) Cruising Raja Ampat

Watch the video below to see how our Yoga Cruise will be!

Itinerary 1: Lombok & The South Gilis

// All year – Itinerary is subject to change.

Day 1: Cruising to Gili Nanggu

– Healthy breakfast on board
– Cruise around Gili Nanggu, Gili Tangkong and Gili Sudak
– Snorkel in coral gardens
– Sunset yoga-session on the beach / or on the deck
– Healthy local food for dinner
– Anchor overnight at Gili Suda.

Day 2: Head off to Gili Ringgit, Gili Layar and Gili Gede

– Meditation and sunrise yoga on the boat
– Healthy breakfast
– Fun water activities: Stand up paddle boarding, kayaking or tubing!
– Indonesian lunch
– Afternoon fun: Snorkel and spotting turtles!
– Sunset yoga session at Gili Asahan Eco Resort
– Delicious and healthy Italian buffet
– Anchor at Gili Gede.

Day 3: Explore Gili Asahan and Gili Goleng

– Morning meditation and sunrise yoga session on deck
– Healthy breakfast on board
– Explore the white sand beaches and palm tree forests!
– Fun water activities: Stand up paddle boarding, kayaking or tubing!
– Healthy Indonesian lunch on the boat
– Afternoon yoga session at the beach – enjoy the sunset!
– Beach BBQ at Secret Gili. Bonfire under the moonlight
– Anchor overnight at Gili Goleng.

Day 4: Cruising back to Gili Gede

– Meditation session on the deck followed by sunrise yoga session
– Healthy breakfast on board
– Morning activities: Stand up paddle boarding, kayaking or tubing!
– Closing ceremony and saying goodbye to everyone
– Ending in Gili Gede

Itinerary 2: Komodo National Park

//Best from June through to October – Itinerary is subject to change.

Day 1: Boat departing from Labuan Bajo

– Healthy breakfast on board
– Sailing towards the North Komodo Islands
– Explore pristine reefs, secluded bays and beaches
– Indonesian cuisine for lunch
– Afternoon Yoga-session on the beach/or on the deck
– Magical sunset
– Healthy Indonesian dinner at the boat

Day 2: Island hopping / Komodo National Park

– Short trek to watch the sunrise over the north part of the Park
– Morning meditation and yoga session on deck
– Healthy breakfast on board
– Heading to Makassar Reef to snorkel with Manta Rays
– Healthy Indonesian lunch on the boat
– Visit pink beach on Komodo Island
– Sunset yoga session at the beach/or on the deck
– Delicious Indonesian dinner of the boat
– Anchor at Padar Island for the night

Day 3: Island hopping / Komodo National Park

– Morning meditation and sunrise yoga session on deck
– Healthy breakfast on board
– Trek to see the stunning view from Padar Island
– Head to explore reefs and small islands in the area of Rinca Island
– Healthy Indonesian lunch on the boat
– Fun water activities: Stand up paddle boarding, kayaking or tubing!
– Afternoon yoga session at the beach/or on the deck
– Healthy Indonesian dinner on the boat
– Anchor in a sheltered bay at Rinca island overnight.

Day 4: Closing ceremony – final day

– Meditation session on the deck followed by sunrise yoga session
– Healthy breakfast on board
– Off to see the Komodo Dragons and other unique wildlife
– Closing ceremony and saying goodbye to everyone
– Cruising back to Labuan Bajo

Itinerary 3: Raja Ampat

//Best from October until May – Itinerary is subject to change.

We also offer our Yoga Cruise throughout the breathtaking archipelago of Raja Ampat. Focus on yoga, meditation and healthy food, while cruising the magic islands Salawati, Misool, Waigeo & Batanta. Raja Ampat excists of thousands small and uninhabited tropical islands, which we will visit for snorkeling, stand up paddle boarding and spotting dolphins, manta rays and colourful fish.

You can choose between the North Raja Ampat Islands or the South Raja Ampat Islands. Each itinerary is unique, and the breathtaking scenery will blow your mind. For cruising North & South Raja Ampat, you will need around 15 days. We will tailor-make your Yoga Cruise around the magical islands of Raja Ampat, as you would like.

Retreat coordinator: Sharni Quinn

Who is Sharni?

“I’m your Life Transformation Angel! My passion is to live an inspired, gentle & soul-filled life and to inspire more women to do the same. I am a Bali-living yoga teacher, life coach, author & speaker, who empowers women to… transform from ‘burnout to bliss’ and from feeling trapped to ‘being free’.

“I am an authority on the subject of Women’s Wellbeing through natural healing, and especially on the subject of life transformation – because, not only have I worked in the industry since 2007 as a yoga teacher, purpose-focused life coach, writer and wellness business owner, but I have also been there myself!
I have been to rock bottom, I have suffered through the chronic fatigue, the anxiousness, the burnout, and the feeling of not knowing how to get out of the darkness and step back into my light”

Read more about Sharni Quinn here.

Retreat coordinator: Julie Thonnard

Who is Julie?

Julie travelled the world for over 6 years as a scuba instructor. She found her place in Gili Air , where she co- founded Slow Private Pool Villas & Spa and Slow Retreats. Slow Retreats are Julie’s design. Julie is convinced that Gili Air is a place where you can recharge and slow down; she would like to share this feeling with you.

Julie teaches:

Ecstatic Dance
Acro Yoga
Hoola Hoop
Scuba diving

Liveabroad: Mikumba II

Mikumba II is a beautiful, fully equipped traditional wooden boat that searches for adventure and gets away from the crowd.

The boat will take you to the most stunning locations, and we will help you explore perfect empty beaches, uninhabited islands and pristine reefs rich in marine life.

Whilst at these idyllic locations the activities on the boat begin with a choice of snorkeling, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, subwing, surfing, fishing or simply relaxing on the deck.

About the boat
1 x master cabin with ensuite & private balcony
1 x master cabin with ensuite
3 x double / twin cabins sharing 2 bathrooms
– All rooms are with air conditioning

Read more about Mikumba II here.

Menu: Healthy living

On our Yoga Cruise in paradise, we are focused on giving you a healthy and recharging experience. Therefore, our aim is to serve you healthy and delicious food every day. Each morning will begin with healthy and refreshing breakfast, which will give you an energy boost and make you ready for a day in magical surroundings.

The Indonesian kitchen is one of our favorites. Being full of healthy, tasteful and spicy ingredients, the Indonesian food is perfect for our retreat. We want to give you the full experience of exploring wonderful Indonesia, which is why our lunch and dinners will consists of healthy and delicious local recipes.

Are you a vegetarian, pescetarian or do you have other requirements for your meals? We strive to make everyone happy with their food. Please let us know, and we will do our best to make your healthy retreat perfect for you!

What’s included?

– Sunrise and sunset yoga
– Meditation
– Water activities: SUP, Kayaking, Snorkeling
– Healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner
– Unlimited mineral water, coffee and tea
– Fresh coconuts
– Accommodation on board

Doesn’t include:
– Soft drinks
– Alcohol (Bring-Your-Own)
– Transfer to and from starting positions

Please make an inquiry for full itinerary, personal requests, specific price and personal guidance.
Our cruise leaves all year with a minimum of 6 participants.


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