Your Paradise Wedding

Sunset-side Beach Homestay (option 1)

Imagine walking down the aisle with sandy toes in a tropical breeze while the sunset is painting the sky a million different warm colours? Located on the sunset side of Gili Air and owned by a local Gili Air family, this paradise homestay will be the perfect location for your tropical wedding. With a beach bar facing towards the sunset point and cosy bungalows just 1 minute from the seaside, you and your guests will have a wonderful venue and accommodation for your wedding. Every beach bungalow has air condition, hot water and a nice living room, which is family friendly as well.

Enjoy your wedding dinner seated at the beach with a BBQ buffet and ‘Bring Your Own Alcohol’-bar. This wonderful dinner location will be customized as you wish with food, summer cocktails and live entertainment. Let your guest enjoy the taste of sweet cocktails and lovely food to the sound of the ocean waves while watching the sunset and celebrating your special day.


Northern Paradise Hotel (option 2)

If you move to the northern seaside of Gili Air, another beautiful beach location is waiting for you. This hotel is the second option for your Gili Air Wedding, and it is ideal for celebrating your special day. Being located just north of Gili Air, you can spot the sunrise as well as the sunset. Host your wedding dinner at the pristine and remote beach with your family and friends.

If choosing this option, the food will be delivered by Pachamama Organic Café. This café is a personal favourite on Gili Air, as they serve tasteful, healthy and beautiful food. A ‘Bring Your Own Alcohol’-bar will be set up on the beach for you to enjoy the cocktails and drinks all night, so you can dance the night away with friends and family.

After the wedding (Honeymoon option)

Would you like to keep enjoying your wedding in wonderful Indonesia? We would love to arrange a customized honeymoon for you to explore our paradise. Based on your budget, your passion, your dreams and your wishes, we will arrange the perfect honeymoon for you. Being an ‘Indonesia-expert’, we will find the spots, the islands, the tours and the accommodation, which are just as you wish. Dive with turtles and manta rays, climb volcanoes, relax on paradise beaches, swim in turquoise waters and explore the wonderful world Indonesia has to offer.

After arranging your honeymoon, you will still have the possibility of adding adventures, tours and activities. We will add all information and our contacts in your roadbook, which gives you the possibility of booking during your honeymoon. Our goal? Your happiness!

Tailor-made honeymoon designed with love and passion


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Wedding Accomodations


** The name of Julie’s company is “Let’s Feel Free”. Activities are free to be booked by the guests on location. We believe during a
trip you have to keep a certain form of freedom. Which means, you don’t have to climb a volcano summit if its pouring rain, but you
can decide to have a spa wellness or shopping day instead. The GiliTA team will remain available to book tours on location, or by
WhatsApp for advice and ideas. We can also book them in advance on special request.

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