Wayag’s lagoon Sharky and Hutch

Coming back, a fully grown black-tip reef shark followed us the entire way. Upon arrival at the Teman liveaboard another appeared. We immediately baptised them “Sharky and Hutch”. Ha Ha!

Wayag is located in a conservation area, also known as a “No Take Zone”. Which gives marine life the possibility to reproduce in peace. Thanks to this no take zone, over 10 years, the marine life has increased 300%. We have Misool Baseftin to thank for this.

When we got back to the liveaboard, the sharks kept showing their cute figures, peeking up around the liveaboard.
At first everyone was a little scared, off course we are still programmed to be afraid of sharks. The crew told me not to worry, some of them went swimming, and you know what. Nothing happened, no human shark attacks.

I took a moment to reflect on my life, I sat on the back deck of the boat. Shared a fresh coconut we plucked on the beach, with my partner. He left. I stayed and contemplated the beauty of this place, Wayag, it truly is paradise on earth. I crossed my legs and started meditating, with Sharky and Hutch’s family of swaying sharks at my side, and my favorite music in my ears.

It was one of those moments you know?
Where you tell yourself, life can’t get better then this.